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Black Star Initiative


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The Black Star Initiative

A universal private military company, which specialises in conflict resolution and the provision of associated consulting services. The company was established in 2900 by two former UEE Marines to fill a vacuum in the private sector, our purpose is to offer governments and other legitimate organisations specialized military expertise.

We offer comprehensive advice on every aspect of security including corporate operations, commercial risk, and foreign investment, as well as counter-terrorism, asset protection, and support to governments. Our network of offices are staffed by skilled associates with combined backgrounds in military, intelligence, and diplomatic communities. To assist our associates in their duties, we hire personnel from a variety of supporting fields, including but not limited to, commerce, finance, and law enforcement agencies such as The Advocacy.

Why HIRE us?

World Renowned Security Experts On Staff

We don't just KNOW security, we ARE security.

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Best-in-class Fleet

With over 5,000 ships in our arsenal, we've got firepower to spare.

Trust Is Earned, Not Purchased

When security is involved, we never take risks. We calculate every variable, verify every detail through our established chain of command. Nothing is left to chance. No stone is left unturned.

Now We're Speaking Your Language!

With over 2100 members, from all over the world, we can make sure that nothing gets lost in translation!

What makes Us Better:

We have the experience

With military members, both Ex and Active, why would you hire anyone else?

Proven Track Record

We've been around for a while, and we've seen it all. We've got the credentials to prove it

We get it done

Whether the op requires devastating force, or a light touch, our staff is ready


Whether you need Search And Rescue, Stealth Ops, Diplomatic Negotiations, VIP Protection, or Annihilation on a Galactic scale, we have plans for all your needs


Members Strong

0 +

Ships of all sizes

0 +

Hours of experience

OUR Fleet












Pricing Plans

Prices Subject To Change


*60,000 UEC /HR * 250,000 UEC /HR

  • 1 Custom Stealth Ship Escort 5 Custom Stealth Ships Escort
  • Custom Pre-Prepared Route
  • 100% Attention To The Mission
  • *Pricing Starting At
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Point Defense

* 125,000 UEC /HR * 500,000 UEC /HR

  • 1 Specialized Pilot For Whatever You Need Defended 5 Specialized Pilots For Whatever You Need Defended
  • Passive/Aggressive Stances Available by Request
  • *Pricing Starting At
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Scorched Earth Protocol

100,000 UEC /HR 5,000,000 UEC /HR

  • Tailing a Target
  • Exploration Of Dangerous Locations
  • Reporting On Operations
  • Observe And Report
  • Absolute Destruction of Your Enemies
  • Fly-Along In One of Our Ships While We Incinerate Your Enemies
  • We Might Even Let You Push The Big Boom Button
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All Plans Include: 

Dedicated Operations Manager // Secure Document Transfer and Hosting // 100% Satisfaction Guarantee // FREE S38 Ballistic Pistol